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TER-ICB-07L2_Contract Award

ICB Contract Award Notice

Project: P132386 - Second Urban Infrastructure Project

Bid/Contract Reference No: TER-IСB-07L2
Scope of Contract: Procurement of mobile sewer cleaner and cesspool emptier
Duration of Contract: 
180 Day(s)
Contract Signature Date: 
Evaluation Currency: UAH - Ukraine Hrivnya

Awarded Bidder(s):

Name: LLC “Trade House “Budshlyakhmash”
Address: Office 62, building 68/1 Peremogy Avenue, Kyiv

Country: Ukraine
Bid Price at Opening: EURO 317 000.00

Evaluated Bid Price: UAH 6 555 956,25

Contract Price: EURO 317 000.00

Evaluated Bidder(s)


Name: TOV “MAN Truck and Bus Ukraine”

Address: Zavodskaya str. 1,  Bucha

Country: Ukraine

Bid Price at Opening: EURO 447 000,00

Evaluated Bid Price: UAH 8 282 106,77

Rejected Bidder(s)

Name : Alfatech Ltd.

Address : Dnipropetrovsk, 1 Sobinova str.

Country: Ukraine

Bid Price at Opening: USD 258 031,00

Reason(s) for rejection: Does not Eligibility Requirements.

Name: Jurop S.P.A.

Address: Via Crosera 50 - 33082 Azzano Decimo - (PN)
Country: Italy.
Bid Price at Opening: EURO 454 000,00

Reason(s) for rejection: Non Responsive